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Meet Senoven products which have won the appreciation of master cooks thanks to our 40 years of experience in machinery manufacturing.

Every Senoven product bears the imprint of a team that has developed dozens of innovative products in dough preparation, pizza baking and meat cooking groups.

Our company was founded in 1977. Having started out as a mechanical parts manufacturer, we came to create our own designs and brands over the years. 1998, the year of our incorporation as a joint stock company, marks our resolve to move faster towards this goal. 

From 1998 onwards, we first proved ourselves with the generation of a dough sheeting machine –a breakthrough in its own right– followed by the manufacturing of a series of ovens dedicated to high standard pizza, lahmacun and pita baking. 

We are in a constant endeavor to uphold our corporate vision and amateur spirit in the manufacturing of high quality, efficient, high tech products for the fastfood industry. Operating today in a 4.000 m2 manufacturing plant, we are happy and proud to have added renowned brands to our customer portfolio. 

We look forward to having you there as well.

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