Vertical Conveyor Toasters

Want to toast bread products fast and homogeneously?


Senoven conveyor toasters can be programmed for heating up or toasting different types of breads or buns, letting you control recipes across your entire operation, and eliminate dependency on key expertise.

Compatible with countertop use, our toasters lower your cost of ownership thanks to low energy consumption and high availability and affordability of spare parts.

Want to toast bread products fast and homogeneously? Discover Senoven, a testimony to Şengün Makina's 40 years of experience.

General and Technical Properties
  • Countertop operability
  • Fully stainless body
  • Low ambient temprature
  • Low energy consumption

Model Belt Width Cooking Chamber Dimensions Total Power Avarage Power Consumption Output (Estimated) Oven Dimensions W*D*H / Weight Shipping Dimensions W*D*H / Weight
EKM-40 402 mm (16 inc)x1 Band 429x370x(10-40) mm Electric 1,7 kW Electric 0,7 - 0,9 kW/h 1200 buns / hour 638x226x664 mm / 34 kg 710x695x293 mm / - kg
EKM-42 300mm (12 inc)x2 Band 270x370x(10-40) mm x 2 Band Electric 4,6 kW Electric 2 - 2,5kW/h 2400 buns / hour - -

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Vertical Conveyor Toaster


Vertical Conveyor Toaster

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